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WBA offers its members fast, easy service. All forms needed to register your dog or litter are available by downloading them from the web site. The WBA will provide you with the most accurate service available.

WBA will provide you with a 3 generation certificate, where applicable. This will be done at no charge to you.

WBA has a breeder page. If you request your web site to be listed, WBA will post you as a breeder and provide a link to your website. This will be done at no charge to you.

Breeders work very hard to establish the line of Bulldogge they breed. This is why we are different. Once a breeder puts his Kennel name on a litter of puppies the kennel name can not be changed unless the breeder gives consent.

Names of dogs can not be changed after they are registered.

WBA will post information on breeding, new laws and regulations, vaccinations, and many other topics related tp Bulldogges. We are always looking for new updateed information to keep you informed.

WBA offers a low cost registration fee for your dogs or litters. We keep it simple and easy.
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