The Olde Boston Bulldogge
The Olde Boston Bulldogge should be of small to medium height and size with round compact head and a solid muscular and athletic body. The disposition should be outgoing and happy, loyal lively and intelligent. The temperment is to be very stable and trustworthy. Olde Boston Bulldogge are a healthy working dog without serious health problems.

Head: Medium and high, slightly sunken betweeen the eyes the circumference of the head should be equal to or greater than the dogs hight at the shoulders.
Fault: Head so small.

Muzzle: Broad, deep and short. The bite is even or slight under bite.
Faults: Muzzle too long more then 21/2 inches, too under shot of a bite.

Eyes: Wide apart and moderate size. Any color is acceptable.

Nose: Wide and broad. The nose should not be pushed up between the eyes. From the stop tp the end of the nose must be at least an inch and a half.
Fault: Completely pink nose

Neck: Medium to short and very muscular.

Chest: Ribs should be well sprung, rounded and the chest wide and deep.
Faults: Too narrow in the chest.

Back: Short with a slight rise from the shoulder to the rump.

Legs: Forelegs should be stout and wide apart, neither bowing or turning in.
Faults: Bowing or turned out resulting in poor movment.

Feet: Round and tight the pastern should be up and strong.
Fault: Down in the pastern or splayed feet
Height: Males 14 to 18 inches at the  withers. Females 14 to 17 inches at the withers.
Between 20 and 45 lbs.

Faults: Dogs above or below the standard.

Color: Black, Black and white, red, brindle, blue and fawn. All color can have variuos amounts of white. The coat should be short and smooth.

Ears: Short either naturally erect, drop or rose and can be cropt.

Tail: Must be docked or screw.

Brigadoons Olde Boston Bulldogges